Message from the President

With great pleasure, we announce that Ocean Medical is organizing, for the first time, its Emergency International Congress. It will take place in May, from the 22nd to the 29th, at Taguspark Congress Centre, in Oeiras, Portugal.

Ocean Medical is a Portuguese emergency medical training center, founded in 2008. With exponential growth and always based on quality, rigor, innovation, and continuous improvement, it is currently the largest International Training Center of the American Heart Association in Europe.

With a group of instructors made up exclusively of Physicians and Nurses, experts in emergency and critical care, the moment arises to reflect on the taken path, analyze the current challenges of the emergency, and where we should proceed.

Under the theme “Today's evidence, tomorrow's training”, we’ve prepared an audacious program, with national and international speakers, experts, and references in their areas. With a comprehensive perspective of the different sectors involved in emergency situations, the focus will be on efficient and up-to-date examples of care and technological development to support clinical practice.

The lectures will take place on May 25th and 26th. The congress will be enriched with innovative courses, that will occur pre and post-congress, and also with a live competition in Basic Life Support, placement of mechanical compression devices, and Advanced Life Support.

We count on your presence in what will be the first of our many congresses, where we can share experiences, stimulate reflection, acquire knowledge, challenge resuscitation skills, and develop skills.

TagusPark, December 31, 2022
Sónia Sousa


[May 25th]
Leadership and Management in pandemic responses 

Moderator:  Commander Pedro Louro, Municipal Civil Protection – Espinho, Portugal (PT)

Health and social action perspective – Dra. Teresa Bacelar, Oeiras City Hall Councilor - PT

Civil Protection’s Perspective – Dr. Rui Ângelo, Cascais Civil Protection Coordinator - PT
Opening Session
(Portuguese Medical Association; Portuguese Nurse Association, Ocean Medical, Município Oeiras)
Coffee Break
Technological Innovation in Health

Moderator: Rita Marçal, MD – Intensivist Medical Doctor Coordinator, CUF Cascais - PT

EPIC: how a clinical information system ensures quality and staff’s availability – Tiago Carvalho, MD Intensivist, Cleveland Clinic – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Triage Plus – Dean Brown, Intensive Care Paramedic; Triage Plus Managing Director – New Zealand

Population CPR literacy: Where are we? Where are we going?

Moderator: Nelson Santos, RN Specialist, RENATA Coordinator - PT

Public access AED – Pedro Carvalho, RN, Specialist; ICU Hospital Beatriz Ângelo – Loures, PT

AED Program, Albufeira – Frederico Magalhães RN, Albufeira Emergency and Reanimation Medical Vehicle - PT

Agrupamento de Escolas Maria do Carmo Serrote – Luís Pacheco, School Group Director - PT

EuReCA Study –Vítor Correia, RN, Madeira Civil Protection, IP-RAM ERC Research NET | European Registry of Cardiac Arrest - EuReCa - PT
Coffee Break
Shock approach, from prehospital to intensive care unit

Moderator: Mónica Anselmo, MD, Intensivist, ICU – Hospital Fernando da Fonseca – Amadora, PT 

Prehospital Trauma Care – Jacques Duranteau, PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology - France

Prehospital eCPR – Philip Fortuna, MD Intensivist, ICU, CHULC - Lisbon, PT
Interhospital Transport: what can we learn from pediatric transport?

Moderator: Pedro Vasconcelos: ATSDC Course Coordinator; Clinical Nurse Specialist, National Institute of Medical Emergency - PT

Adult Transport: where are we? – Jorge Nunes, MD, ICU, Red Cross Hospital – Lisbon, PT

Pediatric Transport: how do we do it? – Francisco Abecasis, MD Pediatric Intensivist, CHULN – Lisbon, PT
During the coffee breaks, ACLS and BLS competitions will take place; poster presentation
[May 26th]
Teaching Future Professionals 

Moderador: Enfª Guida Amaral, PhD, assistant professor at ESS/IPS - PT

MASCAL, Simulation role in Health Care Education – Pedro Caldeira, RN, Pos-graduate Coordinator Medical Emergency and Disaster - PT

Soft skills and communication – Margarida Portugal Mota, Clinical Psychologist - PT

UpDate on Health – Pedro Nunes, MD, Pediatric Intensivist, UCIPed Coordinator, Hospital Fernando da Fonseca – Amadora, PT
Coffee Break
The Role of Armed Forces as Civil Protection Agents 

Moderator: Miguel Cruz, 2nd National Commander of Emergency and Civil Protection

Army’s Role on SAR (Search and Rescue) – Navy Lieutenant Colonel Sílvia Silva, MD; Navy Lieutenant 
Cristiano Gante, MD, PT

Aeromedical evacuations and air rescue – Major Luis Gonçalves, RN - PT

Health Group of the Portuguese Army – Lieutenant Colonel Raquel Santos, MD - PT
Pediatric challenges  

Moderators: Sónia Patrício – Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pediatrics; PALS Instructor - PT
Pediatrics Trauma – The approach and its specificities – Cristina Camilo, MD, Pediatric Intensivist, CHULN – Lisbon, PT

Mistreatment and negligence – an hidden reality – Marisa Vieira, MD, UCIPed Coordinator, CHULN – Lisbon, PT

The future of Pediatrics Training – Pedro Garcia, MD, Pediatrician, President of Portuguese Simulation Society - PT
Coffee Break
Civil Healthcare Professionals on mass casualty scenarios – Challenges in preparedness

Moderator: Nelson Coimbra, RN, Operating Room Chief and Emergency and Reanimation Medical Vehicle Coordinator, CHUP – Porto, PT

Spanish hospital preparedness  – Jose Codesido, MD – Emergency Chief, Hospital El Bierzo, Ponferrada; Formation Secretary Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias - Spain

Mass Casualty Disaster Plan on HBA: An effective preparedness – Fernando Sousa, RN – Emergency Department and Emergency and Reanimation Vehicle Coordinator Chief Nurse - Hospital Beatriz Ângelo – Loures, PT
CODE BLUE Competition
Posters and ALS/BLS awards
Closing Remarks
During the coffee breaks, ACLS and BLS competitions will take place; poster presentation


The Congress will take place at the Taguspark Congress Center in Oeiras.
GPS coordinates:  38.740647, -9.305085


Organization: Ocean Medical
President: Sónia Sousa
Ana Catarina Godinho
Brayone Gonçalves
Daniel Ferraz
Joana Teixeira
Marco Sousa
Nuno Gaibino
Ricardo Benedito
Tânia Pombinho
Ana Margarida Correia
Francisco Abecasis
Luís Cabral
Mónica Anselmo
Nelson Santos
Pedro Caldeira
Pedro Vasconcelos
Rita Marçal
Tiago Carvalho


Use the discount voucher you received when registering for the congress here
Airway Management – Beyond Basic Airway Management Beyond Basic
This two-day interactive course is designed to give participants a structured approach to management of the upper airway.
16 horas | 475€

May 27th, 2023  |  09:00

Ultrasound in Emergency Ultrasound in Emergency
The Ultrasound in Emergency course is aimed at Doctors and Nurses who deal with critically ill patients. Different syllabus contents are presented for each professional group, as well as handling practices for differential diagnosis and placement of venous accesses.
9 horas | 230€

May 22nd, 2023  |  09:00

Airway Management – Beyond Basic - Nurses Airway Management – Beyond Basic - Nurses
This course is designed to give critical care nurses an approach to management of the upper airway.
8 horas | 150€

May 29th, 2023  |  09:00

Approach and Emergency Techniques on Corpses Course Approach and Emergency Techniques on Corpses Course
The approach and emergency techniques on corpses course (aetcc) was developed by ocean medical. This course was designed to give hands-on skills and knowledge to medical doctors and nurses that work directly with critical care patients.
8 horas | 300€

May 24th, 2023  |  14:00

ECMO ECMO VA in Emergency Context Starting Course
The starting course of veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (va-ecmo) in the emergency setting is intended for all physicians and nurses who perform in the emergency department or pre-hospital mergency , with referral potential of patients for va-ecmo.
8 horas | 150€

May 23nd, 2023  |  09:00



The Code Blue Competition aims to develop the training of health professional teams in adult resuscitation and life support, in a cardiopulmonary arrest situation.

The competition will take place as part of the 1st Ocean Medical International Congress.

This competition has 3 independent categories:

• Advanced Life Support (ALS)
• Basic Life Support (BLS)
• External chest compression device