The organization created a moment that will allow sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge, through the presentation of e-posters related to the congress theme. Primary or secondary research, original, continuous quality improvement projects, or other relevant studies with an impact on critically ill patients care, will be privileged.
The abstracts submitted will be assessed by the scientific committee, which will decide upon their acceptance for presentation, according to previously defined criteria.
The organizing committee, in agreement with scientific committee decisions, guarantees the presentation of all abstracts approved. 
We invite all professionals to participate.


Deadline for submission/ submission of abstracts - 8/4/2023.
Deadline for acceptance/refusal of abstracts - 21/4/2023.
Registration deadline for e-poster author(s) – 22/4/2023.
Deadline for submission of abstracts after requested review – 30/4/2023.
Deadline for submission/submission of e-poster – 12/5/2023.



For appropriate review of submitted abstracts, it is imperative to comply the following requirements: 
(a) the papers submitted must be original, meaning that had never been previously submitted or published in other congress/meeting or magazines.
b) The author(s) may submit more than one paper, but they can’t contain equal or similar data;
c) Each paper may have a maximum of 5 authors.
d) Each author may have a maximum of 2 affiliations.
e) The authors must be registered at the congress by 22/4/2023 (one author if group as three or less elements; two authors if the group is bigger than three elements);
f) The author thar will present the work at the event, should be identified in the abstract as the first author. 
g) Abstracts shall be drawn up in Portuguese. 
h) All abstracts must be structured and written according to the following: 
Times New Roman letter, size 12, line spacing of 1.5, justified text. It should not include figures, charts, or tables. It must contain a maximum of 5000 characters (excluding title, authors and affiliation). The following structure is suggested for the abstract:  
Title (MAXIMUM CAPITAL 20 words); 
Authors identification (name + surname, professional category, institution, e-mail);
Keywords (preferably indexed terms, 5 at most, separated by semicolon); 
References (APA 7th edition); 
 i) Should be sent within the deadline for the email:
 j) The reception of the abstracts will be confirmed by e-mail. 
 k) Abstracts submitted by any other means or after the deadline will not be accepted.
 l) Abstracts with authors of the Congress Committees may not be submitted to competition;
 m) The decision not to accept the abstracts is not subject to appeal.



a) Authors must prepare and send the final version of the e-posters in JPEG format by 12/5/2023;
b) The file name should be the full title of the e-poster;
c) The projection window should be 16:9, vertical.
d) The e-poster must contain the Event Banner;
(e) The e-poster shall be readable from 2 meters far;
f) Presentation of results in tables and graphics, without displaying excessive information or complex phrases, will be privileged.
g) The presenting author must be at the event on the date and time that will be informed in due time.
h) The presentation may not exceed 3 minutes, followed by 2 minutes discussion. 



The evaluation of the e-posters will meet the following criteria:
a) Compliance with the guidelines of the Regulation
b) Quality of wording and organization of the text
c) Quality and scientific rigor
d) Title quality
e) Keywords
f) Introduction
g) Methodology
h) Results /Discussion
i) Conclusions 
j) References
k) Relevance to clinical practice 
l) Used language
m) Timeliness of information
n) Charts and tables
o) Creativity and originality
p) Compliance with presentation time


 a) e-Posters not presented on the established date and time, will not be certified.       
b) All submitted e-posters will receive participation certificate.
c) Certificate participation shall be drawn up according data in the  submission form, including: title, format of the communication, authors name, presenter name, date and event’s name.
 d) The three best works will be awarded. 
e) If any of the authors of the abstracts belongs to congress committees, the e-posters won’t be eligible for competition;
Any omitted situation in this Regulation will be examined by the Scientific Committee.